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Kare Plus

Driving brand awareness for one of the UK's biggest care franchises.


Kare Plus engaged us to strengthen communication channels with their clients. Leveraging email marketing, our campaigns have not only bolstered brand awareness but also established a consistent and effective means of staying connected with their clientele, resulting in engagement metrics surpassing industry standards. Partnering with our agency has empowered Kare Plus to redirect their marketing team's focus toward advancing their B2B objectives. Moreover, it has provided their franchises with the ability to swiftly implement marketing strategies at scale while effortlessly upholding the integrity of the brand identity.

"great results achieved in our campaigns, the emails they produce have exceeded our expectations"

Paul Tiltman
Director (Ashford Branch)
average open rate (industry average 21.48%)
average click rate (industry average 2.69%)
average CTOR across email campaigns
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